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Belle Âme Candle 272g


"A journey of a thousand sunsets fill the air, a beautiful soul lingers and quells despair."

Enjoy our limited edition candle inspired by many visits to Carriacou, and the mellow welcome from the people. The bespoke scent profile was created in collaboration with fragrance connaisseurs McKinley & Paget, and is exclusive to Georgiana John.


Grounding, reflective and sensual, this essential oil blend of red mandarin, frankincense and vetiver is evocative of warm summer evenings and the vermillion hues of approaching dusk.

Rapeseed wax allows for up to 60 hours of clean smoke-free burn time.

This olfactory melange will fill any space with the most luxurious relaxing aroma.


Essential Oils: 
Red mandarin, rose geranium, frankincense, petitgrain, sandalwood & vetiver.